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Kahikatea / Kauri Team

Fiona Bester

Mrs Fiona Bester - Turepo Team Leader
Kahikatea 3 - Year 7/8

Lainie Roddis

Mrs Lainie Roddis
Kahikatea 1 - Year 6/7

Megan Cherry

Mrs Megan Cherry
Kahikatea 2 - Year 7/8

Nigel Seaton

Mr Nigel Seaton - Hub Coordinator
Kauri 3 - Year 7/8

Jade Pettinger

Miss Jade Pettinger
Kauri 1 - Year 7/8

Mat Jenkins

Mr Mat Jenkins
Kauri 2 - Year 7/8

The Kahikatea / Kauri Team is made up of six ngaheres / homerooms:

Kahikatea 3 - Mrs Fiona Bester - Hub Leader
Kahikatea 2 - Mrs Megan Cherry
Kahikatea 1 - Mrs Lainie Roddis

Kauri 3 - Mr Nigel Seaton - Hub Coordinator
Kauri 2 - Mr Mat Jenkins
Kauri 3 - Miss Jade Pettinger


In the Kahikatea / Kauri team we aim to extend upon from the literacy skills and knowledge developed in the Kowhai / Rata team.  We approach literacy via a variety of avenues grouping according to ability, needs and learning goals.  Students engage in learning experiences based upon current topics and texts that relate to our inquiry.


The teaching of Numeracy and strand Mathematics (Geometry, Measurement, Algebra and Statistics) is balanced throughout the year as students gain knowledge and strategies to work competently in all mathematical domains.  Our timetables provide an hour for quality learning time whereby students engage in group, pair and independent learning tasks.

Inquiry Learning

Planning for the teaching of inquiry learning is a major focus in the Kahikatea / Kauri team.  We follow the Ashgrove Inquiry Model of:

  • Discover
  • Question and Plan
  • Gather and Filter
  • Create and Communicate
  • Reflect

Teachers collaborate together as a team to plan learning experiences in Science, Social Science, Technology and The Arts.  Planning and preparation will be shared according to strengths and interests.  Te Reo and Māori Culture is integrated into our Inquiry work.

Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education continues to be a large component of our programmes for 2019.  We have timetabled skill teaching lessons taken each alternate Wednesday by the North Canterbury Sports and Recreation Trust as well as fitness programmes.  Learning in Health will be covered throughout the year under a variety of topics.

The Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Art may be integrated with the relevant inquiry work or taught as a separate curriculum area depending on the skills needing to be covered.

Music, Dance and Drama

Students are provided with experiences in music, dance and drama throughout the year.  This is often integrated in our major inquiry unit, but can also be taught separately.

Many aspects of these disciplines are covered in daily programmes and weekly planning.

Home Learning

Our senior students are role models around the school we trust that they will make the right choices regarding behaviour and reflect the values of the Ashgrove STARs (Service, Trust, Attitude, Respect and Responsibility).  We hope they will accept the challenges for Star tasks to earn badges as set out for Home Learning in their Star Booklet.


All classes go to Technology every Tuesday at Rangiora Borough.  Tūrepo 3 and 4 and part of Tūrepo 5 attend a morning technology session from 9.00am - 11.30am and are then bused back to Ashgrove.  Tūrepo 1 and 2 and part of Tūrepo 5 are bused from Ashgrove to Rangiora Borough to attend an afternoon technology session from 12.30pm to 3.00pm.  These students are released from technology to go straight home.

Assemblies and Hui's

A whole school assembly will take place every second Friday at 9.15am in the hall.  Kahikatea / Kauri team Hui will take each Friday throughout the term in the hall.  We will advise of these events via email or newsletter.  Please look out for it - you are most welcome to attend.


At the beginning of each new term a newsletter will be emailed home to outline upcoming learning events happening in Kahikatea / Kauri.  A copy of this will be sent out via the Ashgrove App in our learning team as well as being put on the school website for whanau information.

2019 Events

Term 1

  • Ashgrove Parent Information Evening - Tuesday 12th February
  • Swimming Sports at Dudley - Wednesday 27th February
  • Boys and girls cricket teams are playing other schools in the knockout competition
  • Activity Week
  • Literacy Quiz

Term 2

  • Cross Country
  • Rakahuri Winter Sport competition
  • North Canterbury Debating competition
  • Canterbury Spelling quiz

Term 3

  • Rakahuri Winter Sport competition and Winter Tournament
  • Mt Hutt Ski day
  • Koru Games
  • North Canterbury Chess competition
  • Cantamaths
  • Social Studies quiz
  • Learning Conferences

Term 4

  • Swimming lessons
  • Athletics Day