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Special Education

Students needing individual support

The Exceptional Learners' support team meets the needs of students who have English as their second language, students who have social, health, or behavioural challenges, or students who are working well above or below the rest of their class.  

Resources for individual learning support are centred in the Star Room, with a co-ordinator/support teacher, and a team of learning assistants who work in classroom spaces across the school in a variety of roles.  

Our school has a process for supporting students who have individual needs. At the first stage, in-school support is initiated by the student's teaching team, after discussion with their parents.

Where required, the co-ordinator supports these meetings to help plan for individual needs.  This may involve making a short-term Intervention Plan to deal with a specific issue; or offering expertise and resources to support the teacher and/or parents in assisting the child with his/her particular challenges.  After a set time progress is reviewed, and decisions made about whether further support is needed.  Where necessary, requests for specialist assistance can be made to appropriate outside agencies.  

It is best practice to have Exceptional Learners working in their own classrooms alongside their peers. This maintains social bonds and students' self-confidence.  Teachers and learning assistants within the student's own team provide extra support for the student, according to their individual intervention plan.  Where appropriate, a student will be included in a small group working on specific skills.

Our aim for all students is for them to improve self-management of their learning, over time. Once they are making progress with their own teacher and class, extra support may no longer be needed.  Should the same student require intervention again later on, the process can be repeated.

Some individual students have been verified as having a high level of learning difference, and must have specific support over a longer period. The support teacher assists with planning such a student's daily programme (where it differs substantially from the rest of the group); and helps the teachers and learning assistants to support the student by contributing expertise, techniques and resources. Occasionally, learning assistants will support these students in a withdrawal setting or off-site if this is required for their individual needs and programme.

The team leader oversees planning for Gifted and Talented students within their team.  These plans assist teachers to provide suitable learning activities for such students within their regular classrooms.  Where appropriate support may be requested, or extra activities offered from outside agencies.

When parents have concerns about their child's learning, health, social, emotional or behavioural issues, the first step is to make an appointment to discuss this with their child's teacher.  

Andrea Woolford

Mrs Andrea Woolford
Special Needs Coordinator

Mirian Aldous

Mrs Mirian Aldous
Learning Assistant

Lisa Brown

Mrs Lisa Brown
Learning Assistant

Lucy Kennett

Mrs Lucy Kennett
Learning Assistant

Sarah Larcombe

Mrs Sarah Larcombe
Learning Assistant

Louise Patrick

Mrs Louise Patrick
Learning Assistant

Leanne Spencer

Mrs Leanne Spencer
Learning Assistant

Karin van Doorn

Mrs Karin van Doorn
Learning Assistant

Melanie Wade

Mrs Melanie Wade
Learning Assistant

Briony Whitehead

Mrs Briony Whitehead
Learning Assistant

Sarah Willis

Miss Sarah Willis
Learning Assistant