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Starting at Ashgrove School as a New Entrant heading

Starting school is an exciting step in your child's life and we look forward to making this important transition
rewarding and positive for your whānau.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When should I pre-enrol my child?
As soon as your child turns 4 or as soon as you know you are moving to an address within our school zone.

Who can pre-enrol?
We have an enrolment scheme, which determines who can enrol with us, based on their home address being within Ashgrove School zone. 

The Board of Trustees sometimes offers out of zone places for the following year. If you currently live out of zone and would like your child to attend Ashgrove School you can complete a pre-enrol form, circling out of zone, and your child will be put into the ballot.

Please contact the school if you require further information about out of zone places.

What is the purpose of pre-entry visits?
The purpose of pre-school visits is for both child and parent/caregiver  familiarisation. They give your child the opportunity to become used to the environment, get to know classmates and learn some of our school routines. It is a good time to learn where the classroom is located, the room number, teacher name, bag hooks, toilets, bells ringing, office and playground.

May I have a look around the school prior to pre-enrolling my child?
Yes. Please contact the school and arrange a meeting with the Deputy Principal.

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